Sound by Steve is retiring. 
Steve has enjoyed, more than he can say, all of the weddings and events he has DJ'd over the last 30 years. He feels privileged to have shared in so many life moments for so many couples. As his wife, I can tell you that he was 100% invested in your weddings and making sure that your special day would never be forgotten. We can tell you that he is fine and healthy, just looking forward to spending more weekends with family.

Steve Brewster has been DJ-ing weddings, dances and other live events for over 20 years. He also provides recording, production, and other professional audio services.

Steve was raised in Spokane and has been postal for 30 years. He moved to Davenport, WA, in 1985 to take over Route 1 for the USPS. An inherent trumpet player following in the footsteps of his late father, Dwaine Brewster, Steve became more involved in music after he met and married Karen Brewster, a music teacher and director, in 1986.

Steve's career in audio production started with running sound for school music concerts and his wife's ensemble music group, Syncopated Rythym. Since then, he has run sound for two theatre companies (including Davenport Theatrical), churches, concerts, and community events. He is also advisor of the DHS Sound Techs, where he coordinates audio and lighting for all school events district-wide, and teaches his skills to high school students.

Steve has carefully honed his DJing skills over many years. He is Lincoln County's premier DJ, working dozens of weddings and dances a year. He brings with him a library of over 50,000 songs of all genres ranging from country to classic rock, and Broadway to hip hop.